30 Teenage Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather is a game that is pretty easy – can be an excellent time- filler or icebreaker too.
The fundamental notion is you ask a “Would you rather” question (see below for samples) and each individual has to determine their response.

You’ll be able to run the sport in a couple of formats, with respect to size of your group and the time available.

You can have people go to a side of the space or the other to indicate their ‘reply’

Write the answers down

Share the answers together with the group (obviously better for smaller groups!)
A word of warning – children and teenagers end up after you go through a few of these, excitedly discussing amongst themselves!
This game could be a good activity to run before a dialogue on the have to occasionally take a stand for your own beliefs, even when the remaining part of the bunch are doing something different.

Would you rather questions

Would you rather always take a cold shower or sleep an hour less than you must be fully rested?

Would you rather always get the last laugh or first dibs?

Would you rather always must convey everything in your head or never talk again?

Would you rather always wear earmuffs or a nose stopper?

Would you rather consistently win pie-eating contests or consistently win wheelbarrow races?

Would you rather be 8 feet tall or 3 feet tall?

Would you rather be 3 feet taller or 3 feet shorter?

Would you rather be an astronaut or a deep sea diver?

Would you rather be a dog named Killer or a cat named Fluffy?

Would you rather be a a giant hamster or a rhino that is small?

Would you rather be able take back anything you say or to listen to any dialogue?

Would you rather be capable of read everyone’s head all of the time or always know their future?

Would you rather be able fly or to stop time?

Would you rather be an unknown minor league basketball player or a famed professional badminton star?

Would you rather be born using an elephant trunk or a giraffe neck?

Would you rather hatefully remembered or rather be forgotten?

Would you rather be totally bald or all over?

Would you rather be wealthy and happy for 8hrs/day and poor or sad for 8hr/day?

Would you have the ability to read thoughts or rather be undetectable?

Would you rather be rich and ugly, or poor and good looking?

Would you rather be stranded on an island alone or with someone you despise?

Would you rather function as the hottest or the most intelligent person you realize?

Would you rather be the wave or the sand castle?

Would you drink a bottle of dishwashing liquid or eat a bar of soap?

Would you rather eat a handful of hair or lick at three public phones?

Would you eat a stick of butter or a gallon of ice cream?

Would you eat a stick of margarine or five tablespoons of hot pepper sauce?

Would you eat poison ivy or a handful of bumblebees?

Would you rather stop hatred or hunger?

Would you find 10 million dollars or true love?

Would you rather get caught singing in spying or the mirror on your crush?

Would you rather get even or get over it?

Would you take bad advice or rather give poor advice?

Would you give your computer or your furry friend up?

Would you rather head to a family reunion or to an amusement park?

Would you rather go for the remainder of your life?

Would you rather possess a lovely house and awful vehicle or an ugly house and lovely auto?

Would you rather possess a kangaroo or koala as your pet?

Would you have an additional toe or rather have a missing finger?

Would you rather have x ray vision or bionic hearing?

Would you rather kiss measure or a jellyfish on a crab?

Would you rather know it all or have it all?

Would you rather live without music or reside without T.V.?

Would you rather love and not be loved back, or be loved but never love?

Would you rather meet with an alien visitor or journey to outer space?

Can you rather never use the internet again or never watch TV again?

Would you rather not have the ability to make use of your phone or your e mail?

Would you rather just be able be able to yell or just to whisper?

Would you rather possess a surf camp or a ski lodge?

Would you produce a movie in your most embarrassing moment or rather print your diary?

Would you rather spend the day browsing the internet or the ocean?

Would you rather have three wishes allowed in a decade or one wish today, granted?

Would you rather see the Dentist or the Doctor?

Would you rather have a shower or bath?

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